ethics and sustainability

Nupi Industrie Italiane

ethics and sustainability

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Our code of values and our philosophy are applied both in the models of behavior that we pursue within the company, and in the activities that we support outside of it.
For many years we have been at the side of various local bodies engaged in social commitment, sports or culture.


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We actively work to reduce the environmental impact of our activities to improve the quality of life.
Our commitment allowed us to achieve important results in terms of sustainability, urging us to do more.


ethical commitment

    • nupi and sports

      From basketball, to volleyball, to women's football, several sports clubs have received our enthusiastic support.

      Because the values of sport
      belong to us >>

    • nupi and social commitment

      Our attention is mainly focused on social inclusion. Thanks to organizations such as «I Bambini delle Fate», the Fairy's children dedicated to children suffering from autism, we have proudly contributed to making the daily lives of the weakest easier.
      Because the values of solidarity
      belong to us >>

    • nupi and culture

      We have been contributing for years to the literary prize promoted by "L'Inform@zione. Il Giornale Dell’Alto Milanese " because we believe that fostering knowledge means improving ourselves and our world.
      Because the values of culture
      belong to us>>











reduction of the impact of company activities

NUPI INDUSTRIE ITALIANE has been awarded the ISO14001 (Environmental Management System Certificate) certification.
The goal was achieved through a profound modernization of the production plants and a timely recovery policy for processing waste.
However, the most important part of our plan to reduce the company's impact on the environment is the use of alternative energy.

photovoltaic system

We have equipped the two plants in Busto Arsizio and Castel Guelfo with photovoltaic systems. The consequent production of electricity allowed us to achieve significant energy savings and a great reduction in CO2 emissions.

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led lamps

Since 2017 we have undertaken a campaign for the replacement of traditional industrial lamps with LED lamps, free from ultraviolet or infrared radiation, dangerous substances (Hg and Kr) and toxic gases typical of discharge lamps.


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cogeneration system

We have installed trigeneration systems in our plants to produce electricity and allow the use of thermal energy recovered from thermodynamic transformation, as well as to produce cooling energy.

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co2 emissions

The tons of CO2 avoided in 2020 are equivalent to 767 cars driven for one year, 8223 barrels of oil and 452.983.357 recharged mobile phones.

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reduction of the impact of our products

The reduction of the impact of our products is certified by the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). It allows to design them with an increasingly greener approach, through choices studied and aimed at reducing their impact.

Some of the EPDs obtained by us are: POLIETILENETUBI, ELOFIT, NIRON, POLYSYSTEM, MULTINUPI and SMARTFLEX system in 2019.

Polietilenetubi & Elofit

Niron & Polysystem


Smartflex SuperSmartflex

Environmental declaration of EPD product, validated by ICMQ